10 Ridiculous Expensive Things Marshmello Owns

Marshmello, the Electronic music DJ has gained so much fame that he now owns some ridiculous expensive things you wouldn’t expect of him. From his own personalized vehicles, to the most advanced DJ sets, you will

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This Is How Marshmello Spends His Millions

After, first hitting the scene with his 2015 Soundcloud single, Wavez, and over the past four years has become one of the most iconic, and highest-paid, DJs of all time. Insisting on keeping his identity private, he rarely speaks, doesn’t often give interviews, and spends all of his time wearing a giant marshmallow helmet.

Yeah, that’s the DJ we’re talking about, the one you’ve seen wearing a huge helmet type mask that almost looks like a Halloween costume. But don’t let his look fool you! Despite this, he’s built an iconic image for himself, selling out concerts around the globe. Together with pro-Fortnite player Ninja, he won $1 million in Epic Games’ E3 Celebrity Pro-Am charity tournament in 2018, and the pair kindly donated the money to charity.

He’s the owner of his own music label and clothing company, and one major claim to fame is that he’s the first (and only) artist to play a concert in the game Fortnite–an event with over 10 million concurrent attendees. We’re taking a look at 10 Ridiculous Expensive Things Marshmello Owns.

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43 thoughts on “10 Ridiculous Expensive Things Marshmello Owns

  1. The Bugatti Bolide, a car that will have 40 copies in 2024 or something. With a speed of 500 km/h and a W16 8.0L engine with 1850 hp. I think he's gonna buy it. (It's also my favorite car in the entire world!! The headlights are also in X.)

  2. Hi world who is marshmallow never heard of him, apparently he is famous for music, to me he is a worthless no natural born talent can't sing dance, he is nothing unless not with millions, he worth $1cent, in this modern world anybody get fame famous for absolutely doing absolutely nothing.

  3. Ha ha nice in love marshmallow but it did not know that he was this rich. Wow this is amazing this guy in not on top of the world but on top of the universe 😃😎

  4. There's an article where DJ Marshmello had one of his customized trucks, his Hennessey performance Ford velociraptor 6×6 (maybe), was stolen and the person who stole it got into a chase by the police before crashing it into a street pole (maybe).

    But there were a bunch of "trolls" who criticized on why DJ Marshmello needed a 6×6 truck and where one played the "compensating" card, sad how a bunch of internet trolls choose to s***t over a bad situation like that instead of feel sorry for him that his ride was stolen.