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Why take a Christopher Howard Retirement/Relocation Tour

The ONLY way to REALLY know Costa Rica, is to EXPERIENCE it! See for yourself why people are talking about this beautiful country. A SMART investment if you want to live or retire here. At no more than the cost of a guided vacation tour, this tour is focused on gaining knowledge about living or retiring in Costa Rica. Chris raised his family in Costa Rica, and has lived there for over 25 years. NOBODY offers a tour with the experience and knowledge that Chris has thus making this a most comprehensive tour. Chris will be with you EVERY step of the way to answer ALL of your questions. Your tour will be like a constant SEMINAR. Chris makes it so easy!  

What you will get from this personalized tour

• What it took Christopher Howard nearly 40 years to learn. 

• The BEST locations suited for your lifestyle and needs. • You will see a sampling of Costa Rican homes both rentals* and sales 

• A two-day highly INFORMATIVE seminar with experts in the fields of real estate, law, moving, health care, banking and more. 

• You will meet people who have actually moved here and hear about their experiences and make VALUABLE contacts. 

• Find out how Costa Rica can boast a longevity rate of almost 78 years with its AFFORDABLE medical system. 

• For the investor, INSIDER information, tips and how to really make money. 

• Detailed appraisal of the areas of greatest GROWTH in the path of progress. 

• Time-proven SHORTCUTS for learning Spanish • Learn about the EXCITING lifestyle you can have by living or retiring in Costa Rica. 

• This tour has NO hidden agendas.  

* Tours based on availability

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