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I mean, how can you not like it when two of your favorite things come together? The movie will mean a bit more to someone who gets the references or is even vaguely aware of names like Ninja or Pokimane, but otherwise it’s a movie everyone can enjoy. Outside of the game world, we get an explanation for how it would be even remotely possible for a video game character to act like this.

Thanks to this painful history, you’d be forgiven for thinking “hard pass” when you see a trailer with Ryan Reynolds playing a video game non-player character — an NPC   wonder woman costume  — who realizes everything around him is a lie. While he does a very good job being Ryan Reynolds (essentially Deadpool without the costume), the cast truly makes this movie shine. The trailers would have you believe the movie is about Ryan Reynolds, but I’m here to tell you we’ve all been deceived. I have to admit, the graphics and skins on that game are super fun! And for the ladies who are worried about what this means for your visits to the bathroom, just remember to unzip your onesie and fold the arms inward before rolling down and holding it around knee high to avoid dragging it on the floor.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 introduced a ton of Marvel heroes, but it’s anti-hero/villain Mystique who steals the show with her ability to copy the look of any enemy you eliminate. Fortnite teases out the inner brony in all of us with Fabio Sparklemane, a distinct blend of romance novel icon Fabio and Rainbow Dash. The game was initially released back in July 2017, though its wildly-popular battle royale mode wasn’t introduced until September 2017. The game mode sees 100 players battle it out in action-packed matches that allow gamers to scavenge for weapons. Fortnite Costumes & Accessories, from Fortnite: Battle Royale! Show your love for the Brite side with this Fortnite Halloween costume. PARTY: Dance, Pretend, or go Trick or Treating in the costume of your choice!

Considering that the Skull Trooper outfit is a Halloween event item, it is a perfectly spooky choice for a Fortnite Halloween costume. Keep the summer vibes going with this Cali-cool costume. Make any party an amazing Fortnite party when you have this amazing Drift costume that will everyone envy of! Twitter says its new policy will determine what verification truly means, who’s eligible to be verified and why some accounts could lose their check marks.