ROBLOX BULLY STORY – Alone (Marshmello)

This is a story about a guy being bullied who surprises everyone with his hidden talent of making music / DJing.


-didi (JD)

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48 thoughts on “ROBLOX BULLY STORY – Alone (Marshmello)

  1. bro this song hit HARD back then we miss you cryptize and oblivious. ive grown so much since the last time you guys uploaded i hope you enjoy your life. i guess there arent as many songs that hit close to home nowadays

  2. Wow 1 second I Didn't know this song until I heard the song. Yes I know who is marshmallow is I just have so much nostalgia in my mind. This is still musical and likeable even Oblivious commented on this saying he already knew this was good. This is literally my longest comment I have ever commented but like fr it is sad when I came back just to listen to this ❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. This video takes me back to 2017 when my ex broke up with me.

    I remember the previous night, the night before prom, she told me she didn’t want to be with me in prom, so that killed my vibe. All the money I spent, asking her out in front of everyone, and being dumb of myself lol.

    I remember when she told me that, I played a song in my room, practiced it like at least 4-6 times. I remember my mom getting mad at me for singing loud at 3 AM, haha, but she understood and left me alone to do what I had to do.

    The next day, which was prom night, I sang the song “Eyes Without a Face” by Billy Idol and it completely shocked me with the amount of attention I’ve gotten. It even caught attention of this one girl who happens to be my current girlfriend now.

    Ever since then, my ex has been alone and has never found someone down to earth like me.
    Now, I’m not saying she won’t find anyone like me or better than me, but you know what they say.. “Nice guys finish last” and “Nice guys are always hard to find.” so yeah.

    That’s my little story of how my 8th grade prom was ruined but was fueled up when I realized even though she dumped me, everyone was there for me.